Looking for Elvis - Mid-life Crisis Comedy

 “When I was flying back from Lubbock, I saw Jesus on a plane,
or maybe it was Elvis, y’know they kind of look the same.”

Don Henley – “If dirt were dollars.”

We all know that Elvis Presley has been dead for thirty years – don’t we?

When dead-beat author Kevin Redman thinks he sees Elvis on a plane, this becomes more than just an academic question – it becomes a quest that tears his life apart.

Kevin is drifting through his thirties, on the verge of the ultimate mid-life crisis – bad marriage, bad job, thwarted ambitions – when he spots Elvis.

Neglecting job, wife and family, Kevin begins a desperate search for The King in the arid suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona.

His wife thinks he’s having an affair, his brother-in-law is plotting to get him fired, and his best friend thinks he’s lost it, but Kevin is obsessed.

The path to The King isn’t easy – Kevin is mistaken for a peeping tom, captured by an S & M gang, and stalked by a deranged local hunter, but he finally finds Elvis, living in a gleaming Silver Stream trailer at Cactus Jack’s Motel Park.

Face to face at last with Elvis, Kevin must face up to his past in order to allow his future to emerge.

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"I have worked with Don on three scripts over the past 18 months, and I am looking forward to an ongoing working relationship.

Creatively, he is highly imaginative, capable of utilising both his own ideas and incorporating those of others to their maximum potential. Don is very hard-working - he works fast, but cares - which means that it becomes very energising for those he works with.

Tough deadlines are a challenge rather than a problem, so if time is of the essence, Don is the ideal person to have on your team."

 PR, Copenhagen

Don is by far the fastest scribe I've had the pleasure of working with. In fact, I am puzzled by how high the quality is; you would think it would suffer accordingly.


Don is always just an email away, and didn't hesitate to open up his phone lines despite us being in two different countries. Note that he insisted on picking up the bill every time, which I thought was class.


Don's educational background, with a Masters in Screenwriting, plus his global travels and experiences, all come through and result in rich, pointed prose. Highly recommended.

Rhys Trenhaile, Writer/Producer/Actor, Probity Productions Inc., Canada.