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 Client feedback

 "Don demonstrated a special gift of being able to dive into a storyline"

"Don’s approach to transforming my novel, The Maxine Chronicles: Sex and The Single Jew, into a screenplay was brilliantly executed.  From the timeliness of each stage, to the absolute clarity in communication, to the depth of his wisdom, and his impeccable integrity, I found the process to be deeply rewarding and downright magical.

I believe Don demonstrated a special gift of being able to dive into a storyline, fortify the theme, and animate the characters in a way that excites, entertains and educates all at the same time." 
Marlena V, Writer, New Jersey, USA.

 "The quality of his suggestions showed that he has a deep knowledge of the movie industry"

"Don works with very high standards of quality. He helped me in a heavy re-writing of my screenplay giving me valuable suggestions, improving and refining my work from start to finish.

Communication went smoothly although English is not my mother tongue. We never had problems in understanding each other, and all the work was done in a timely manner and always on schedule.

Don is a very competent person in his field. I was really impressed by how quickly and easily he was able to grab the essence of my story and identify himself with its characters. The quality of his suggestions showed that he has a deep knowledge of the movie industry in general and of screenwriting particularly.

In summary, working with Don was a really pleasant experience, to be repeated in the future. I learned a lot from him. He delivers more than he promises."
Daniela S, Writer, Italy

 "Our company's product has improved greatly"

"Don has quickly and reassuringly taken our creative thoughts and improved them with every critique.

Our company's product has improved greatly with the direction and support of Don's technical and creative expertise.

Working with Don makes me excited, once again, to be in the business." 
MBH, North Carolina

 "high standard of knowledge and professionalism"

"When I hired Don to help me out with a screenplay I was kind of skeptical; skilled writers don’t grow on trees, they are hard to come by.  A lot of people call themselves screenwriters when they actually are nothing but article writers.

Don, on the other hand, is a great screenwriter with a high standard of knowledge and professionalism. He is absolutely a pleasure to work with and I hope to work with him on many of my future projects."
Martin M, Writer, Norway

 "Don did a fantastic job"

"It was an absolute delight to work with Don! Don did a fantastic job, he has a very professional attitude, he is very knowledgeable and meets deadlines.

Don's pro-activeness and suggestions for improvement were very helpful. Will certainly work with Don again in future. Many thanks," 
John E

 "very responsive and a wonderful writer"

"It was a great pleasure working with Don. He is very knowledgeable about his subjects, very professional, very responsive and a wonderful writer. I definitely recommend him to anyone who needs an excellent writer."
Mindy N

 "Will recommend Don to everybody"

"Very competent. Very professional. Will recommend Don to everybody. Will work together again, soon! Thank You!" 
Laszlo W

 "Writing ability was excellent and enjoyable"

"Found writer to be very professional, highly educated and a great communicator. Very flexible and open to my personal needs. Writing ability was excellent and enjoyable. Very much enjoyed working with this writer. Would highly recommend to anybody!"
Steve B

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"I have worked with Don on three scripts over the past 18 months, and I am looking forward to an ongoing working relationship.

Creatively, he is highly imaginative, capable of utilising both his own ideas and incorporating those of others to their maximum potential. Don is very hard-working - he works fast, but cares - which means that it becomes very energising for those he works with.

Tough deadlines are a challenge rather than a problem, so if time is of the essence, Don is the ideal person to have on your team."

 PR, Copenhagen

Don is by far the fastest scribe I've had the pleasure of working with. In fact, I am puzzled by how high the quality is; you would think it would suffer accordingly.


Don is always just an email away, and didn't hesitate to open up his phone lines despite us being in two different countries. Note that he insisted on picking up the bill every time, which I thought was class.


Don's educational background, with a Masters in Screenwriting, plus his global travels and experiences, all come through and result in rich, pointed prose. Highly recommended.

Rhys Trenhaile, Writer/Producer/Actor, Probity Productions Inc., Canada.